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No Drips

The WV 70 plus set is the ideal all-inclusive package for cleaning windows and smooth surfaces: this set, comprised of the battery driven window vacuum, wide vacuum nozzle, spray bottle, microfibre wiper and concentrated cleaning agent, lets you clean your windows and smooth surfaces with much less effort and much faster than with conventional windowcleaning tools. Just spray, wipe and vacuum – finished!

Quick and easy: thanks to a choice of different vacuum nozzles, the WV 70 plus can vacuum the water from any window pane. This means that this window-cleaning tool does a wonderful job of cleaning large windows, windows with glazing bars or even smaller areas.



First, the pane is wet with the spray bottle.


The pane is then cleaned with the microfibre wiper of the WV 70 plus.


In the final step, the WV 70 vacuums off the dirty water completely and without any drips – finished!

Perfectly clean from large to small

The narrow vacuum nozzle lets you clean even the tiniest window panes and surfaceswith minimal effort.

Efficiency Meets Comfort

The professional way to vacuum. Our decades of expertise in industrial and commercial cleaning means that we know precisely what is needed to guarantee top cleaning results in your home. And all with our commitment to the utmost in energy efficiency.

Vacuuming with the VC 6.150 is not only extra fast; it’s easy! This vacuum cleaner combines extraordinarily high suction power with a whole range of convenient features. The QuickClick system is completely unique and guarantees fast and simple nozzle replacement. It lets you change accessories in a flash with only a single click – from both handgrip to telescopic tube in no time.


QuickClick system

The unique, quick replacement system lets you change the nozzles in a flash with only a single click – from either the handgrip or the telescope tube.

EasySlider obstacle avoidance

A soft, 360°-rotating ring guides the vacuum carefully around obstacles.

Telescopic crevice nozzle

Makes cleaning places that are hard to reach even easier, particularly with the additional 7-cm extension.

HEPA-12 filter

Even the tiniest allergenic particles have no chance against the HEPA-12 filters.

Fast and Practical

Sometimes it’s the little accidents that make our day so enjoyable. With an electric broom handy, you can spend less time worrying about every little speck of dirt and more time joining in the fun. The K 65 cordless electric broom from Kärcher makes it quick and easy to clean up spot messes throughout the day, turning those insurmountable messes into a ten minute job and a weight off your mind.

Innovative brush technology enables effortless and hygienic removal of pet hair – even from the brush itself. Every broom comes with a pet hair brush that is extremely effective at removing pet hair from all types of flooring, particularly carpets.

Unique brush-replacement technology enables fast and simple replacement and cleaning of the brush roller. The two brush rollers supplied offer a wide and versatile range of applications.


Innovative brush-replacement technology

Just press the button to remove the brush for cleaning.

Wide range of uses

Thanks to its two different special brushes, the cordless electric broom can be modified for special cleaning tasks.

Convenient cleaning of the pet hair brush

The bristles protrude through a mesh sleeve that is simply pulled off to clean the brush.

Space-saving storage

Stored in its wall bracket and connected up to the charger, the cordless electric broom is always ready for use.

It's Natural - It's Steam

Steam is the natural, sanitary and environmentally friendly way to clean without any chemicals. Steam is the ideal alternative to conventional cleaning methods, kedeping your homne safe from harmful chemical cleaners while saving precious time for the important things in life.

The new generation of steam cleaners from Kärcher delivers non-stop steam – without long waiting times or having to stop during cleaning.Steam is generated by a powerful combination of high pressure and high temperatures. During cleaning, the steam penetrates into the microscopically tiny spaces between the dirt and the surfaces it clings to, removing even the most stubborn dirt particles. Steam cleaning safe and fast for most surfaces, even fabrics and curtains.

  • Non-stop steam cleaning thanks to continuous refilling capability
  • Detachable fresh-water tank
  • Convenient accessories
  • Steam regulation using the steam gun
  • On-board cable storage
  • On-board cable storage


Continuous refilling capability

The ability to refill the water tank at any time during cleaning ensures non-stop steam cleaning – an enormous advantage when cleaning large areas or when ironing.

Practical on-board accessory storage

The cleverly designed on-board storage for all accessories keeps everything neat and tidy. And it helps to avoid wasting time looking for the individual accessories.

On-board cable storage

On-board cable storage in the integrated accessory compartment keeps things tidy and prevents tangled cables.

Easy steam control

You can precisely control the amount of steam you need thanks to the conveniently placed control on the steam gun. For additional safety, the steam gun can also be disabled with a childproof lock.

The modern way to mop

Using our experience in cleaning solutions for the house we have developed an appliance that combines all the benefits of mopping with the ease of vacuuming. Wet cleaning with a dry finish; easy, fast and efficient. Cleaning hard floors properly usually means laborious sweeping, mopping and waiting as the floor dries. The hard floor cleaner brings this into one simple step with floors that are safe to walk on straight away. It can even handle rough surfaces and the gaps between tiles.
  • Ten-fold higher contact pressure than scrubbing by hand
  • Outstanding cleaning results – right up to the edges
  • Easy to use on stairs
  • Safety bumper to protect your furnishings
  • An extremely tough and durable appliance
  • 9 cm top clearance for easy cleaning under furniture
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for easy handling


Transport in stairways

Even steps are no problem for the BR 4.300.

Filling the fresh water tank

The removeable fresh-water tank can easily be filled under any tap.

Filling level display

For continuous monitoring of the fresh-water level.

Tank transport

Both tanks can be removed together and transported.

Clean, humidified air without dusty filters

Karcher Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners employs a unique filtration system to clean, humidify and sanitise air. Air passes through three levels of filters. First a standard filter blocks large particles; a secondary water filter to removes dust and airborne particles, and a final HEPA filter catches microbial particles, bacteria and pollen. No more clouds of dust when vacuuming or changing bags.

Perfect for any allergy sufferers

The Karcher Water Filter Vacuum not only cleans your floors and carpets, it removes the dust, pollen and bacteria that cause allergies. Improve the air quality of your home while you clean and stop sneezing fits at the source.

Air from the Karcher Water Filter Vacuum cleaner is humidified and completely sanitised, ensuring your home will be dust-free and leave your family breathing easy.