Pressure washers


Choose the right tool for the job

Use our handy filters to find the right tool for the job. From accessories for washing the car and light cleaning to the most powerful and versatile machines on the market, Kärcher have everything you need.
Large and Rural PropertiesThe most powerful and feature packed machines for large homes, serious cleaning jobs and rural properties. Includes petrol machines for long range cleaning and getting to areas without ready access to mains power.
Medium Sized HomesVersatile machines for standard sized homes. Time and energy saving features and attachments makes doing all those little jobs around the house a breeze.
Small House or ApartmentCompact, easy to store units for small properties and townhouses with courtyards. Quick set up and a small footprint means its easy to wash down decking, furniture, tools, bikes and vehicles in limited space.
Vehicle CleaningIncludes accessories and features that make washing the car a breeze, including wash brushes, foaming nozzles and detergent intakes for soaping up the car before washing it down for a spot-free finish.
Surface CleaningIncludes a surface cleaner. T-racers provide a deep, even clean and dramatically reduce cleaning time. The enclosed design means no more splashback on your outdoor furniture, walls or windows.
Light CleaningIdeal for cleaning down bicycles, washing outdoor furniture and occasional cleaning duties. These machines have a lightweight brush motor, and are best used intermittently.
CompactCompact design for easy storage and transportation. Space saving features, easy set up and pack down make them a convenient tool.
Eco!logicModern machines manuafactured using sustainable processes. State of the art design and Eco mode for reduced power and water use; the future of Kärcher.
Entry class

Entry class

Kärcher's all-rounders are perfect for occasional use – e.g. cleaning bicycles. As a second machine, they are ideal for smaller cleaning jobs.
Medium class

Medium class

These high-pressure cleaners remove stubborn dirt with ease. Their compact build and large wheels makes the machines of this class highly mobile.
Premium class

Premium class

The premium class has the best of everything of the machines in the professional range. The cleaning of even extremely dirty and large areas is taken care of quickly.
Petrol High Pressure Cleaner

Petrol High Pressure Cleaner

When no electricity is available, high-pressure cleaners with combustion engines guarantee the highest level of flexibility and independence.